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Think differently, by design, and deliver with impact.

The headsup...

Team THINKHOWE are service design professionals with a strong background in occupational health & psychology, entrepreneurial finance and interactive design & development . We work closely with our clients to bring world-class, user-centred design & innovation services to individuals and teams developing new products and services for emerging markets.

THINKHOWE Pty Ltd was founded by interactive systems designer & multi-company entrepreneur, Anthony Howe in Sydney during 2013, with a core focus of service innovation in the Australian occupational health and worker insurance industry.

In July 2016, following three successful founding years, ThinkHowe established its Singapore operations (THINKHOWE Pte Ltd).

With each project, the ThinkHowe team activates proven design techniques with our clients to produce product and service solutions based on the unique needs of each market, environment and culture.

Our experience spans across 'practitioner-centred' product design & development, project management, research and analysis, consultation, coaching and training for workforces and teams of all shapes & sizes.

We create solutions in partnership with our clients via products & services including :

  • design & innovation training for teams
  • product development and commercialisation support for early stage products / businesses
  • training, e-learning & coaching formats designed around industry best practice
  • management consulting for executives looking to sharpen organisational performance
  • design and implementation of service delivery innovations and process improvements

This diverse combination of skill and experience ensures a strategic, holistic and innovative approach to workforce solutions resulting in sustainable outcomes for your business.

Our Goals...

Our goal is simply, to help you think differently to help you or your business grow.

We love results!

Partnering With You..

Innovation and Change

THINKHOWE works with you to focus on key areas of potential growth. We help prioritize your goals and look at innovative way to achieve outcomes and success for you, your teams and your business.

Our conviction is that change and growth cannot happen without commitment, integrity, creativity and passion. Each client is treated as an individual and each individuals needs are crucially important to us.

Success and differentiation

THINKHOWE develops corporate development solutions that are individual to you and your company. We focus on the strategic directions of not only your business but the world you work in. Your success is our success.

Our collaborative, project based approach allows us to create tangible differentiation and deliver effective creative solutions that address your commercial requirements.

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